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In addition to offering the finest espresso to renowned establishments, LDV Imports also offers specialized training sessions throughout the year to ensure both our product and the staff at each restaurant delivers the very best end product to the consumer. Classes typically last for an hour, covering everything a barista should know, by detailing every step in making the perfect espresso beverage and key specialty coffee drinks like a cappuccino or a macchiato.

The other half of the classes cover the daily cleaning and upkeep of the espresso and coffee equipment, which is crucial in order to achieve the highest standards in service.

These classes are highly beneficial to our clients, helping staff members excel at all aspects of the

coffee operation, and ensuring excellence in the service and presentation of our products.

In addition to the scheduled classes, our LDV import representatives conduct regular visits to our client locations in order to check the working conditions of the machines, answer the staff questions, and ensure that the quality of the coffee is on par with our clients’ highest expectations.

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